These are excerpts of letters we have received from Users.

As soon as I logged in I was blown away by the choices. This is absolutely amazing! I had several vehicles on my radar that normally I wouldn't even think twice about being able to own. So I'm thinking of buying cars, driving them for a while and after selling for a profit getting something else. This is incredible! Keep this fantastic resource going!"

Larry Los Angeles, CA ~ USA

Dear Car Auction Inc,

My name is Bryan **** and I wanted to thank you for your service. I was able to find auctions near my home in South Jordan, Utah. I saved myself a lot of money using your auctions instead of having to go to the dealerships which are a drag anyway. Thank you once again!

Bryan, South Jordan, UT ~ USA

Just purchased my dream car for dirt cheap!!!! A Ford Mustang Saleen at a police auction for $1200 and it only took me a few days to find. Guys, you are incredible! I'm a member for life.

Jonah, Orlando, FL ~ USA

POSTED BUY: 2010 Ford F150 Red, very good condition, 20,000 miles, $800, WOW!

Mark, Phoenix, AZ ~ USA

With gas prices where they are I wanted to get a motorcycle when I'm on my own running errands to save gas. Boy did you guys help me save on getting a really nice bike. Thank you a million times over

Chad, Charleston, SC ~ USA

So we got a membership last month. Since then my 12 year old son has been able to find cars for our small used car home business. Amazing how easy you make this.

Karen W., Memphis, TN ~ USA

I was actually referred to use you by a friend who purchased a RV from one of your government auctions. Just signed up and let me just say I should have done this much sooner. I plan on attending the next auction scheduled next week close by. The prices on the auction list are insane, I may buy 2 or 3!

Lucas, Edmonton, AB ~ Canada

Hey, you guys are running a huge gold mine I must say. Believe me! I was off to Dallas to finish a deal for my company. I just logged on to my account to check on the recent auctions going on. Luckily found one going on near the meeting place at a local police station. And guess what? I was able to get my hands on a lovely Porsche for only $3000!

I checked on the market for its current value and it was no where lower than $18000. I had a treasure. I went back home with this beauty to surprise my wife! We are now thinking of selling it and going on a luxurious second honey moon leaving behind the kids with their grand parents.

After coming home I’ll be logging in again to find a comfortable family car for my wife. You are a blessing... Thanks!

Jacob L., Houston, TX ~ USA

Hi Guys..!!

Your website is undoubtedly the BEST seized car auction information source on the internet. Our son just got his drivers license recently and insisted on having a brand new car. We just had paid off our house plot and were really stuck on what to do. A brand new car was way out of our budget.

One day while searching the internet I came across Car Auctions Inc and thought why not try it. I had nothing to lose so went ahead with it. Very luckily I found a car auction going on nearby my office. I went there during the lunch break and to my amazement found an almost brand new Dodge Viper just fitting the budget we had. Luckily it was hardly used, a few thousand miles and the previous owner had gone over the edge to accessorize it. A thing my son would love.

My son was really thrilled to get it and really didn’t mind that it was driven before.


Henry Jones, NY~USA

Congratulations on running such an awesome resource of seized cars information database. By awesome I really mean AWESOME..!!.. I joined your website, just to prove my brother wrong. But ended up with a Mercedes Benz almost for one fourth of its original price!! I lost the bet to my brother but definitely won a Mercedes.

I then resold it for 3 times the price I had bought it for. I won’t disclose the price here as I'll leave it for the viewers to experience the thrill themselves. First I decided on thanking you through your feedback form, but then thought it would be an injustice not letting others know of what a spectacular job you are doing. Keep up the great work.

Now I am off to find a nice Toyota Truck through your website. I won’t resell it this time but will keep it for my personal use.

Pasadena, CA ~ USA

Car Auction Inc is the best site I could ever find over the internet. I just wanted to thank the owners who made an effort to set up such a fantastic website. I had always dreamed of owning a Chevrolet Corvette. However being from a middle class family could never really afford one.

After becoming a member of Car Auctions Inc I got great guides on how to purchase cars from auctions. I had tried many others websites on the internet but was never able to purchase even a single vehicle. All I did earlier was waste my time and resources.

However thanks to you guys I now own a beautiful Chevrolet Corvette only for $750!! I still have a few hundred dollars left in my savings which I can use for many other needs.

P.S: A bunch of my envied friends are also going to join you soon to find the car of their dreams!

Mark M., South Florida ~ USA

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